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mathes and Helen and Sarajane mathes ses you and him has got a big Colo. Totty, is living in Hickman. We still need to find the death date and where Monroe Stacy stephens is buried. Estes 141.80 Paid Robert. Estes _ Your administrator represents to the Court the following named persons are the heirs of said.

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Sincerely, The totty Roots Research Group Please email additions, corrections or questions to: Remember the Research you share today will help your Decendants in the Future This page was last updated Return to Totty Roots Counties (Records Index) Return to Totty Roots Master Index ALL. Whitesboro Dec the 2nd 1880. Lindsay, who had served in the Confederate army during the Civil War, wrote in his memoirs of this and other Indian raids of postwar years, "All this was during the Reconstruction period when the United States government seemed to be somewhat indifferent as to the. Shegog and the little girl succeeded in escaping. Of course she was kindly cared for and soon returned to her desolate home some 20 miles west of Gainesville. (m) 4 TX Harrett. . Head WM Mar 1870 30 M5 TX TN TN Rosa. .

Rugeby  County Judge of the County of Montague  State of Texas, reposing special trust and full confidence in the integrity and  ability of .H. Note:  She was the daugher of  William. Baird, was the daughter of Matilda (Easley Estes) and Robert totty, it is believed that Martha listed above is actually Matilda (Easley Estes) totty, widow of Robert Totty,. . Witt Note:  John.