Lg steam dryer water hookup hot or cold

lg steam dryer water hookup hot or cold

The units that produce and emit steam directly are the LG and Kenmore Elite. You can test it for continuity before replacing, as it is under warranty then you can use it to get the part replaced. The very hot steam effectively heats moisture to the evaporation point source: van Deventer. Why are they better?

One day I will try it out, but I have not.
I've had this dryer (and the LG steam washer) for a month and love.
I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I haven't owned it long enough to know.

I don't mind disagreement but please do so in a productive way to local free sex otos help consumers and not to start a piing contest (1) Not all Steam Washer/Dryers produce steam. But make sure that shirt doesn't have any stains before you drop it in this cycle because the hot steam might set them. Soap isn't the disinfectant. "Kenmore Elite: HE5t Steam Front Loading Automatic Washer Use Care Guide." Sears Roebuck and. So even if you have a small load, the spin cycle on the bigger units are going to take more water out it before you dry. The wet item will produce steam to de-wrinkle the dry item. I just want to give back to the forum so I want to share my exhaustive research with you. As a physician, I can tell you dust mites can only be killed with hot water temps that must reach 150. By superheating dry steam to a high enough temperature, machines can use steam to dry items. Even though steam is a byproduct of drying, applying steam at the right times to wet clothes or dry clothes has advantages. Obviously some of you will disagree with my statements and that's fine.