Wife starts dating lingerie sex stories

wife starts dating lingerie sex stories

1979. Most of location hookup app her friends were the wives of servicemen, like herself, waiting for their men to come home. (MMF, wife, cheat, voy) Gets Out Of Hand - by Tickler - A lonely housewife is surprised at her own reaction when a home repairman gets hold of her. This has always been a fantasy of hers and I agreed to participate because the thought of watching a black man's cock sliding in and out of her love hole makes me as hard as a rock. Having a nice young son around the house would be nice especially considering that her husband traveled quite often and she was alone. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, oral, rom) Cyn 4: Cyn And Drew And Thomas In Chicago - by Anon - A hot wife gets some black cock and her husband loves it! (MMF, 1st-threesome, exh, rom) Dressing Room Show - by Showife - A trip to the mall offers me the opportunity to show my wife off to other men. Tony starts getting jealous. (MF/ggb, extreme-ped, rp, intr, preg, lac) Four Can Play This Game - by GuyJD - Black wife learns of her husband's infidelity and decides to confront his white lover to get even. (M/F, wife sharing, orgy, cream-pie) My Wife's Date - by Karen Kay - A husband bets a large sum of money in a card game and loses and can't pay.

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I got up and ripped off his shirt and ran my fingers up and down his nice chest and tummy. I'll get on all fours and place my head down on the bed, ass in the air, and he'll spread my cheeks and run his tongue all around my asshole, biting my cheeks, slipping his warm tongue in and out. We had the time of our lives. I knew from the beginning that Carrie was something special, that I was going to have to save her for a very special occasion. As we passed the living room, we saw that his best friend was asleep on the couch next to his room. (MF, wife, reluc, preg) Jill Kelly Goes to Prison - by Deputy Duffy - A young wife must undergo the prison's humiliating procedures before she is allowed to visit her husband. (MF, wife-cheat, inc) My Wife and I Swing - by Billy - Husband and wife attend a "swinger" convention in Florida, and things go wrong. (Fm-teen, reluc, 1st, humor, intr, mast, oral, preg) View More of This Archive? (MMF, wife, voy, intr) Part 2 Hidden Desires - by Wldathrt - A wife's hidden desires are unlocked. (MMF, voy, intr) A Wife's Revenge - by Lesley Dudley - A wife finds her husband's fling irritating and plans and executes her revenge. (MF, wife, intr, hum, nc, preg) Backyard Spa Experience - by Anonymous Author - A Midwestern couple share their new spa and then each other with their Vietnamese neighbors. (MF, voy, intr, swing, rom) Dr Slammer Hypnotizes My Wife - by Bhuralund - I bring my shy wife to get a childhood trauma treated.

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