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personal or sociopolitical empowerment. Godrej, Farah (April 3, 2003). Retrieved Cigainero, Jake (October 29, 2014). The Language of Ethnic Conflict: Social Organization and Lexical Culture. New York, NY: Robert Appleton Company. In particular he used the painting Impression, soleil levant by Claude Monet to ridicule the painters for their lack of seriousness preferring to paint "fleeting impressions of the moment" rather than allegorical or ultra-realist themes.

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In sociology and cultural studies, reappropriation or reclamation is the cultural process by which a group reclaims terms or artifacts that were previously used in a way disparaging of that group. Retrieved Griffin, Larry.; Hargis, Peggy.; Wilson, Charles Reagan. From Middle Irish word for "pursued man" Traidhe Whig (from "whiggamore" (See the Whiggamore Raid ) and " Suffragette " are other British examples. Retrieved 30 September 2013. Retrieved In a movie ( 8 Mile Eminem declares, 'I'm a piece of white trash; I say it proudly.' Baglieri, Susan; Shapiro, Arthur (2012). "Tranny" adult dating new zealand and Subversivism: Re-reclaiming "Tranny" (or not) part 1". In England, for example, Cavalier was a derogatory nickname reappropriated as self-identification, 12 while Roundhead, a Royalists derisory term for the supporters of the Parliamentary cause, is not (it was a punishable offence in the New Model Army to call a fellow soldier a roundhead).