Offshore hookup and construction

offshore hookup and construction

works considering that the facility is yet to be handed over to the client upon. Hook-up can be undertaken once the system components are positioned and installed during construction. How best to set up the organization and management is considered, a planning method is outlined, and the major factors which influence the control of cost and schedule are discussed. The company undertakes hook-up solutions for major oil and gas clients in Indian waters and globally by providing one stop solution which includes, pre-engineering site surveys, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning of offshore and onshore, greenfield and brownfield hook up and modification works. Hook-up Engineering, our experienced engineers assure cost effective, high quality solutions for customers worldwide. Constraints AND problem areas, the particular constraints and problem areas which characterize offshore hook-up and commissioning work are described below. As such Hook-up tasks can be undertaken in the fabrication yard (for an offshore facility) or at site. Hook-up includes structural, process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumented control systems. We can do the job from start to finish, starting with engineering and procurement through commissioning and completion. Our team has extensive international experience and can use our own or our customers' completion system tools. Hook-Up and Completion, business Development, based in Norway, help Us Deliver. The" Greenfield" construction term refers to a new facility either a Wellhead or Process Platform which has been constructed from scratch at npcc yard and eventually loaded via a cargo barge for further installation offshore.

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The availability of beds offshore strictly limits the size of workforce which can be employed on hook-up work and, therefore, imposes a major constraint on the schedule. In one recent instance where a steel jacket supported process, drilling and accommodation facilities, the offshore work accounted for 25 of the total project cost and 25 of the total project duration. What kind of job are you looking for? Brownfield Construction are generally undertaken when Operators recognize the need to improve Safety aspects, Production, Efficiency and Lifespan of their existing facilities as well as to address maintenance and regulatory compliance issues and update technology. This paper describes such an approach which, as well as incorporating the well established principles of project planning and control, principles of project planning and control, has been drawn from experience gained with several North Sea platform developments. Abstract, hook-up and commissioning is a critical phase in the successful development of an phase in the successful development of an offshore oil production problems of carrying out major works at a remote offshore location make good planning and control very difficult to achieve. This includes operations like temporary facilities, logistic handling, construction activities and completion of scope of work and commissioning assistance. Ohcs also carries out fabrication of process equipment and vessels, pigging and hydro-testing of pipelines, platform inspection, maintenance, decommissioning operations and supply of highly skilled manpower for the oil and gas industry. Aker Solutions offers, turnkey Hook-up Deliverance. Hook-up and completion covers all necessary activities preparing for the start-up of oil and gas production. Hotel- ships can be used to supplement the number of permanent platform beds but will substantially increase the manpower cost. Hook-up can also be used to describe the tasks required to connect the wellhead Christmas trees to the well flowlines.

offshore hookup and construction