What is a gas dryer hookup

what is a gas dryer hookup

as wet going into the dryer, Sheinkopf points out. Electric dryers use a voltage of 240 volts. Bill Roberson/Digital Trends, any other differences? Gas dryers run on electricity to do things like power the lights and turn the drum, but they heat with gas.

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Keep in mind that savings is over the entire life of the appliance, and its for both units (the washer and dryer). Erika Rawes/Digital Trends, how about a vent? These dryers are more efficient energy-wise the heat pump is the most efficient but their cycles take longer than their vented counterparts. While electric dryers use a heating element, gas dryers have a gas burner. You can snap a picture of the outlet and bring it with you to the appliance store, and they should be able to confirm for you. Electric energy is also used to power the motors of the blowers and drum within the dryer. Bill Roberson/Digital Trends, bill Roberson/Digital Trends, how much does it cost? They use moisture sensors to stop the dryer when clothes are dry instead of running the entire cycle and lower heat settings that increase dry times but use less power.

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