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the shield. It was this staff, wielded by Zamorak, which killed the god Zaros and cursed all those who aided this treacherous deed. The Druids claim to be keeping watch for Guthix, keeping balance in the world. It's thought that for much of this time the gods were still in the process of forming the world and making the various lands, seas, plants, and animals. The other survivor of the battle founded the marketplace, allowing people to trade their skills and wares under equal rights and opportunities. It also refers to the Ugthanki, or one-humped camel.

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However, it turned out that the White Knights and Black Knights had always been bitter rivals. Ardougne is left to his 2 sons, Tyras and Lathas who decide to split the city between them. It is presumed that the species is native to the very deep waters around the eastern Ardougne coastline. They were not seen again until they were discovered recently in a tunnel near Varrock. I'm sure in due time, these mysteries will be solved.